In 2017 we launched a climbing programme in the UK to improve the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of young people struggling to elevate themselves. Since then we have reached hundreds of young people and seen their confidence, self-reliance and resilience grow alongside their climbing skills.

We work in partnership with youth organisations and schools and our sessions are delivered in groups. Participants build relationships with our instructors and volunteers who become positive role models for them. These sessions are an introduction to an even wider social aspect — the UK rock climbing and outdoors community. This is the fastest developing sport in the world with employment opportunities growing also.

Through our sessions, participants can work towards a ‘National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme’ (NIBAS), a nationally recognised educational climbing award. Through our structured programme young people gain improved self-esteem, develop life and employment skills, find adventure and a sense of community. Rock Climbing is strongly correlated to increased well-being. Proven benefits of climbing include lowering stress levels, increased confidence and self-reliance.

We have 3 themes we work on with the young people. Each theme has a set of skills or qualities.

1. Physical: stamina, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

2. Social: trust, peer support, empathy, respect, communication.

3. Personal: Listening, responsibility, resilience, focus, reflection, confidence, problem solving.